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Through Tamanna Decor, you can be sure you will get the event of your dreams – putting all of your ideas together and adding a professional touch. Any event you choose to plan with us will be stress-free meaning you can relax and enjoy the build up to the event as well as confidence on the day that everything will go according to the precise plan. Destination and Luxury Wedding/Event Planners with distinction come with Tamanna.
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About Us

Tamanna is a design and decor company that mainly specializes in a wide verity of stage settings and centerpiece for all occasions of celebration. We work with the best florists and services in the market to accommodate our clients. We also provide photographs, videography, DJ, etc. that suits every budget.



The name “Tamanna” means a wish; a desire. That’s exactly what we work to fulfill. The idea of Tamanna, the decor you dream, famously known as “Tamanna’s Decor” started in 2007 when Tarana Haque planned and decorated her sister’s wedding event, from the stage to the gates, and the invitation cards to the centerpieces, with DIY projects. While Tarana was tremendously inspired by the experience and fell in love with transforming weddings to look visually extraordinary, her friends, family, and the guests fell in love with her work. Since then her special touch was requested by everyone who knew her for their big events. Slowly, she got hired to beautify weddings, birthdays, and other events throughout the next couple of years. After a number of events, Tarana was a common name among florists, venues and other service providers. She started getting job offers from well know event planning companies. But as a full time student she treated it as just a hobby. But nonetheless hoped to open her own company one day. “Tamanna” at that point was a dream. Tamanna is indeed a dream. Tamanna is also the name of Tarana’s older sister who’s wedding inspired her and led her to this beautiful journey.
In 2012 Tarana herself got married to Manny and as you can guess, this bride and groom duo was a decor-team made in heaven. Their wedding stage had not only been praised by everyone, that particular stage was recreated 6 more times that same year alone for couples who fell in love with it. “Tamanna, the decor you dream inc. was finally launched. Of course It was not going to be easy to handle all of it by two people. They finally teamed up with Rahul, another extremely creative individual and together every setup exceeded expectations EVERY-TIME.
Today we have one large family of highly trained and talented group of people who have maintained a friendship for over a decade. The ease of our communication and understanding and the ability to work together have helped us grow tremendously over the years. We are now able to do multiple events a day and still maintain exceptional outcomes.

Event Décor

Planning and Designing

We work closely with you in planning and designing the stages to match exactly what you envisioned for your special occasion. We work with precision to make sure your event exceeds your expectation.
Tamanna's Decor orchestrates every element of the event and will follow you wherever the event will be held. We cover metro New York and the tri-state area.

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